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COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT builds pride in Mesa, encourages and develops a wide range of civic and neighborhood leadership, involves non-profits, faith-based organizations, community youth and volunteers, and maximizes direct communications with residents using a variety of tools and technology. 
When asked:  “It's two years from now...what priorities and key outcomes do you believe we should have underway or accomplished for Community Engagement?”  The Mayor and Council’s original responses included:


  • Neighbors have stepped up to help with code compliance and enhance their neighborhoods
  • iMesa, iMesa, iMesa. Recognize the potential to change our community
  • A village system of activism that invites participation
  • Volunteerism is at an all time high
  • Mesa's resident's participate in service projects to give back to the community
  • Channel 11 televises all advisory board meetings so that residents can get a full picture of public decision making
  • iMesa is integrated with the community as a way to express new ideas and innovations
  • Having a friendly face for Mesa's government
  • Utilization of all social media to engage the community
  • Elevate our ability for code compliance
  • Fully utilize technology (Facebook, Channel 11, twitter) as a new way to connect council with constituents
  • Being responsive to all resident's concerns
  • Added Council staff to assist in community and constituent outreach
  • Libraries have been able to open full time because of the involvement of the citizen volunteers
  • Villages are identified throughout the city and work together to improve particular areas of the city
  • More Building Stronger Neighborhood programs, citizen self-help programs
  • Quasi-village system to encourage neighborhood engagement
  • Enhanced volunteer coordination program within the city
  • Helping residents become familiar with Mesa's government and the operations so that they can understand how the city government works
  • Expand on channel 11 programming to include more in community
  • Developing a feel of community buy in that comes from the neighborhoods we live in
  • Neighbors helping neighbors has cut down on un-necessary 911 calls
  • More community development corporations taking accountability for how neighborhoods reinvent themselves
  • Go to the village concept to encourage more community participation
  • Have Mesa Arts Center, museums and other cultural centers located in west mesa reach out to residents in east Mesa
  • Work more closely with Mesa and Gilbert schools to improve engagement
  • Have neighborhoods participate in neighborhood watch to encourage cooperation with Mesa Police
  • Support the volunteer coordinators within the City
  • Encourage neighborhood policing
  • Increase ASU Polytechnic engagement with the community
  • Continue town halls, breakfasts, City hall at the mall activities
  • Encourage residents to participate in iMesa so they understand that we want to work with them to improve Mesa
  • Help businesses and other groups give back to the community
  • A big push on iMesa
  • Collaborate more with the high schools for volunteer students to work in areas of interest in the city and other non-profit areas
  • Faith-based initiatives work! Build on them.
  • Develop the village concept and think about how community involvement ties in to that
  • Get the legislature to mind their own business and let Mesa govern Mesa
  • Engage community more fully with Mesa United Way
  • Engage with other community leaders to improve Mesa
  • More service opportunities for youth
  • Transition our Building Stronger Neighborhoods program and registered neighborhoods into the "next level" of engagement through leadership development and integration with the iMesa process
  • Building strong neighborhoods continued outreach
  • Get residents to understand “shop Mesa” and that it really matters



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