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COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT builds pride in Mesa, encourages and develops a wide range of civic and neighborhood leadership, involves non-profits, faith-based organizations, community youth and volunteers, and maximizes direct communications with residents using a variety of tools and technology. 
When asked:  “It's two years from now...what priorities and key outcomes do you believe we should have underway or accomplished for Community Engagement?”  The Mayor and Council’s summarized responses included:

  1. Grass roots efforts are increasing for neighborhood enhancement and code compliance
  2. iMesa has become a hugely successful mechanism to change/engage community
  3. There is a new sense of positive activism from the community aligned with many of our core initiatives
  4. Social media is well utilized as platform for engaging the community
  5. Outcomes demonstrate a continued focus on community outreach efforts
  6. A village - type approach is creating neighborhood pride and development
  7. Volunteerism at all time high and is linked with coordination to initiatives
  8. Channel 11 programming has expanded and focuses on community engagement
  9. Cultural centers/efforts are expanded in other areas (West Mesa)
  10. More neighborhoods now participate in neighborhood watch programs with PD
  11. Businesses, educational institutions and individual citizens have a renewed sense of the importance in give back in service
  12. Engaging Mesa’s youth is a critical priority

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