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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT pursues a variety of Healthcare, Education, Aerospace, Tourism (HEAT) and other dynamic, citywide opportunities, seeks entrepreneurial solutions, ensures success-oriented business and industry partnerships and tools, and delivers new jobs to propel Mesa’s economic growth, prosperity and innovative spirit forward within the global marketplace.
When asked:  “It's two years from now...what priorities and key outcomes do you believe we should have underway or accomplished in this initiative area?”  The Mayor and Council’s brainstorming results included:

  • At least 10,000 new high wage jobs
  • Tools for attracting business from other states
  • Active recruitment of colleges for south side hospital and south campus
  • Additional economic development staff resources
  • Innovative focus on entrepreneurialism
  • Work with Arizona regional hospital and other hospitals in Mesa to bring a medical school to site at University & Mesa Drive
  • Fiesta district will begin to develop as urban center
  • Aerospace industry growth
  • Work to improve Downtown Mesa
  • Build synergy on high-wage job growth with industries moving into Gateway area
  • Clear chain of help for retaining small business
  • A reputation of winning outreach efforts to land big business in this community
  • Mesa Proving Grounds infrastructure in place, new businesses opened
  • Use existing business and industry to recruit more businesses to Mesa
  • Bring businesses to Downtown that will bring Mesa's youth to shop and enjoy Downtown Mesa
  • Downtown Mesa has a four-year college
  • More community development corporations
  • Proven track record of closing deals in the Valley
  • Supply chain employers to support HEAT (Healthcare, Education, Aerospace and Tourism) initiative
  • Transit-oriented development in full swing along and around the light rail corridor
  • Developing more tools to use in attracting and retaining business
  • Further the business accelerator idea leveraging ASU Poly and the Air Force local redevelopment authority
  • Cardon Children's Hospital announces the start of construction of its second patient tower
  • Bring an art school to downtown to work with the Mesa Arts Center
  • Attraction of additional educational institutions to Downtown Mesa
  • New private college or university opens in Mesa
  • Adopt form-based codes to allow a high rise along the Main Street corridor
  • Find a way to make Pinal County lands revenue generating
  • Light rail under construction
  • Capitalizing on our unique opportunities to access state and federal parks for recreational opportunities that attract a worldwide audience
  • Leveraging regional and federal funds to attract out-of-state business
  • Street car line initiated to add to the mix of transit options
  • Development of Gateway area underway with employment opportunities, education opportunities as focus
  • Building demolition program for structures that are unsound, unsafe, and have no hope of a future reuse
  • Work to revitalize the areas along Main Street to attract new business to Mesa
  • Cubs stadium and Wrigleyville completed, new hotel under construction
  • Successful landing of private colleges in the Downtown area.
  • Mesa known for a strong workforce development training program that meets the needs of incoming industry
  • Mesa begins to be viewed as tech innovator and place that attracts the "creative class"
  • Tax Increment Financing Fund (Tiff)
  • Work with the Cubs to complete Wrigleyville West retail experience
  • Plans for area around LDS Temple finalized, church makes significant investments
  • Partnerships developed between MCC and ASU Poly with British Columbia Institute of Technology and Simon Fraser University
  • Complete business incubator
  • Light rail development opportunities are clear and marketed together as a corridor of innovation
  • Work with the LDS Church to invest in the areas around the Mesa temple
  • Growth strategies for new business ideas
  • Strong partnerships between the community colleges, EVIT (East Valley Institute of Technology)and high schools and industry
  • Getting GPEC (General Phoenix Economic Council) to make us the first call on major business searches
  • Help emerging businesses
  • Outreach to pacific basin companies
  • Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) seen as center for innovation and research and is attracting a companies


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