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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT pursues a variety of Healthcare, Education, Aerospace, Tourism (HEAT) and other dynamic, citywide opportunities, seeks entrepreneurial solutions, ensures success-oriented business and industry partnerships and tools, and delivers new jobs to propel Mesa’s economic growth, prosperity and innovative spirit forward within the global marketplace. 
When asked:  “It's two years from now...what priorities and key outcomes do you believe we should have underway or accomplished for Economic Development?”  The Mayor and Council’s summarized responses included:

  1. Significant number of new high wage jobs
  2. A new focus on entrepreneurial development of new businesses
  3. Tools and a track record for attracting businesses from other states
  4. Significant growth of core industries, such as aerospace
  5. Significant improvement in the development and activation of downtown Mesa
  6. A focus on development/growth of small business as an engine for our economy
  7. Fiesta District shows significant progress as urban center
  8. Downtown Mesa has integrated a new college presence
  9. Significant development along light rail corridor
  10. Focus and development of our health care industry
  11. Further development of ASU Poly as a business accelerator
  12. Smart strategies to leverage regional/federal funds for economic development
  13. Main Street revitalization
  14. A new focus on community workforce development as core strategy
  15. Mesa gains visibility as technology innovator and attractor of the creative class


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