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FINANCIAL STABILITY provides proactive leadership and considers all financial factors in order to diversify revenues, bring new jobs to Mesa, create responsible budgets, and ensure operational efficiencies.
When asked:  “It's two years from now...what priorities and key outcomes do you believe we should have underway or accomplished for Financial Stability?”  The Mayor and Council’s original responses included:


  • Broaden our tax base
  • Keep shared revenue – seek advocacy/support from Mesa’s legislators
  • Complete implementation of CityEdge
  • The secondary property tax is levied on ALL outstanding bond debt.
  • Landing new business with lots of jobs for the area
  • Protect shared revenue
  • Ask Mesa businesses like Boeing and Allegiant to become more engaged in sponsoring projects and organizations in Mesa
  • Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. As we focus on jobs, retail will follow in a natural course
  • Consider lowering all the added fees that provide a fund transfer and seek a property tax as the alternative
  • Advertise the Shop Mesa! message
  • Have a primary property tax dedicated to supporting police, fire and the courts
  • Consider primary dedicated tax for public safety
  • Find a stable source of revenue for public safety
  • Bring business to Mesa that will have high paying jobs
  • Secondary property taxes cover all bond debt
  • Keep efforts to be fiscally responsible to gain the confidence of the community
  • Grow the economic base, attract new business
  • Ask voters to reinstate the tax on food
  • Bring more high tech/high wage jobs to Mesa
  • No cuts from public safety
  • Put together a "close the deal" account to help base industries cover cost of moving to Mesa; would help us to compete with States like Texas
  • Mesa gets away from special taxes for special projects, i.e., transportation taxes, quality of life taxes, public safety taxes
  • Think about business incubators
  • Encourage increased tourism
  • Work with citizens to see what they are willing to do to help provide city services
  • Look at partnering with solar industry to put solar panels on city buildings to reduce energy costs
  • Land a second Cactus League team.
  • Push the State Legislature to allow Tax Increment Financing Fund (TIFF)
  • Use the enterprise fund to innovate all of Mesa's assets, including Real Estate assets, particularly around downtown
  • Partner with solar to use underutilized City space for solar (parking garages, airport)
  • Work harder to challenge the same way of doing things even in the Enterprise operations
  • Continue efforts to improve efficiency
  • Inform the residents to what it means to “Shop Mesa,” with real life examples that people understand
  • CityEdge must be completed
  • Reinforce the “Shop Mesa” concept.
  • Capitalize on our existing recreational resources to attract even more tourism
  • Find innovative ways to make cuts without cutting people
  • Seriously consider additional outsourcing additional non-essential City services
  • Reutilize Hohokam with second Cactus League team or other sport such as soccer. Maybe turn it into a bull fighting arena.
  • Promote innovative ideas from ASU and Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) to create new industries/jobs
  • Attract more college championships to Mesa as an alternative to Nevada and as a more college student friendly environment
  • Support reasonable pension reform at the State level
  • Continue a look at privatizing services or at least hard comparisons for services provided
  • Actively recruit international trade at Gateway Airport
  • Reinstate staff’s 2%
  • Tax Recreational Vehicles that come into the City
  • Pursue more cargo traffic at Gateway
  • Have Police take over towing contract
  • Find a way to recoup some Fire expenditures


Natalie Lewis

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