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QUALITY OF LIFE for Mesa’s citizens and youth offers safe and clean neighborhoods, invests in outstanding recreation, libraries and community open space, delivers transportation choices, elevates culture, arts and education, and ensures solutions are sustainable and environmentally responsible.
When asked:  “It's two years from now...what priorities and key outcomes do you believe we should have underway or accomplished for Mesa’s Quality of Life?”  The Mayor and Council’s original responses included:


  • Cleaning up neighborhoods
  • New parks investment plan
  • Quality parks are constructed in east Mesa and older parks are revitalized in west Mesa
  • Pool at Mesa High being constructed
  • Express library concept being expanded
  • System in place to quickly clean up graffiti
  • Bus service provided to the entire city
  • Pathways defined and improved
  • Southern Avenue has become a beautiful pedestrian-oriented boulevard that is one of the signature places in our community.
  • Feral cat solution achieved
  • Private and nonprofit sector leveraged to help finance parks and other quality of life improvements
  • Graffiti crime enforcement is vigorous and making an impact in Mesa
  • Light rail to Gilbert Rd funding is approved
  • Wine bar opened in Downtown Mesa
  • Upgraded and enhanced recreational spaces available and attract citizens to enjoy the weather
  • MAC recognized as best in the west
  • Coffee shop opens in Downtown Mesa
  • Cleaning up neighborhoods has helped residents take pride in their neighborhoods again
  • Public safety services continue to be a priority, both Police and Fire
  • Mesa Arts Center is a true Community Center
  • Leadership development in neighborhoods results in more neighbors involved and accountable for their own neighborhoods
  • Code enforcement services have been expanded and strengthened
  • The Mesa Historical Museum and the Cactus League Exhibition have secured new sites.
  • Celebrations in Downtown Mesa expanded due to enhanced funding
  • Mesa lead the region in green initiatives
  • Mesa has safe and clean recreation areas that are inviting to community members
  • A stable revenue source has been identified for Quality of Life initiatives
  • Downtown community events are expanded
  • Mekong Plaza is a cultural Mecca and is embraced in our community.
  • Downtown Mesa has an active night life.
  • Arts programs, displays are available on display in east Mesa to increase interest and citywide ownership in the assets
  • Mesa boasts of activities citywide that put the heart and soul back into mesa
  • We have created an environment where Mesa's youth decide to stay and/or raise their own families in Mesa
  • East Mesa has ample parks and amenities
  • Concerts in the parks have been reinstated
  • Mesa is getting recognized for our "hip" restaurant scene
  • Better access to alternatives in education for both youth and adults
  • A new events center and sports facilities at Mesa Community College is underway.
  • Collaborative efforts with universities, schools, and others to expand services in a cost effective way (example mesa pools)
  • Residents are helping to keep Mesa as one of the leaders in culture in the state by supporting MAC and the other museums
  • Mesa hosts national sports events.
  • Residents expect Quality of Life initiatives
  • Sidewalks in all areas of the City foster walking for transportation and health
  • Additional community event/gathering space ‘clusters’ are being activated outside of our historic downtown, i.e. Gateway, Riverview, Power Road.
  • Arts programming and classes have increased.
  • Mesa has cleaned up the alley ways to free them of trash and other debris
  • Our community provides opportunities to spend quality time with family and friends in a wide variety of venues
  • Public safety continues a strong culture of service innovation. 
  • Blighted area cleanups and enforcement is strong
  • Mesa has a reputation for innovation in public safety, parks and community activities
  • iMesa process is successful and resident-based priorities are being achieved
  • Investments in major roadway beautification are being made
  • Community gardening, by reusing underutilized parcels, has become a recreational offering in our Parks and Recreation.
  • Building demo program provided
  • Community assets in Mesa are advertised




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