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REGIONAL LEADERSHIP acknowledges that Mesa’s and the region’s well being are intertwined.  We recognize Mesa’s responsibility to be a leader of and an active participant in working with regional partners to find innovative and sustainable solutions to regional challenges.
When asked:  “It's two years from now...what priorities and key outcomes do you believe we should have underway or accomplished for Regional Leadership?”  The Mayor and Council’s original responses included:

  • Mesa fills leadership void
  • Mesa becomes known as the a ‘powerhouse’ in the Valley and leader of the east valley
  • Become a leader in demonstrating quality transit-oriented development
  • Work with MAG to bring more focus to a commuter rail idea
  • Mayor and Council continue to seek and serve leadership positions in the US Conference of
  • Mayors and the National League of Cities
  • Strategically take some measured risks to attract jobs to Mesa
  • Mayor and council members are all involved in activities outside of our City limits
  • Mayor and Council participate in regional and national level collaborative boards
  • Attract residents outside of Mesa to come to Mesa to enjoy unique amenities and to spend their local dollars in Mesa
  • Continue leadership on regional committees like Maricopa Association of Governments, METRO, etc
  • Recognize the importance of being engaged regionally and nationally
  • Continue to expand and deepen Mesa's participation in the National League of Cities
  • Talk regionally, act regionally.  We win if the region wins.
  • Work regionally on the first sales tax sharing concept
  • Mesa should set the "gold standard" for regional leadership
  • Take advantage of the existing infrastructure and build upon it so people from outside the Valley will come to Mesa
  • Have council work to recruit international trade and businesses
  • Lead discussion on a non-compete and cooperation agreement in East Valley
  • Innovate new opportunities to bring the region together, particularly the east valley through carefully coordinated approaches that make laws more uniform. For example, similar graffiti ordinance in all cities.
  • Lead regionally to attract companies from the world to locate in the valley
  • Continue to work as a council in a collegial manner, unlike many of our Valley counterparts
  • Work with other partners in the region to attract foreign investment and business
  • Work with other cities in joint branding and Economic Development efforts
  • Get GPEC and other regional organizations more focused on Mesa
  • Expand cross-boundary public safety efforts
  • Work to improve Mesa's brand in the region
  • Lead the Cities Bill of Rights initiative
  • Assign each Councilmember and the Mayor to reach out to one councilmember or mayor in an adjacent city to Mesa
  • Continue to show the region how faith-based collaborations can work and be successful
  • Continue to advocate for regional solutions for delivery of services to Valley residents
  • Create east valley regional public safety efforts, i.e. Swat, fire, hazmat, to save money and be more effective
  • Get more councilmembers into the legislature
  • Continue to work with regional partners and to build and strengthen those relationships
  • Look at regionally to deliver services and challenge the status quo and the current models of service delivery
  • Share how the City’s website and iMesa is engaging our residents
  • Recognize that when we are out publicly we represent Mesa and we continue to develop the decorum to reflect the job
  • Recognize we are the 800 lb gorilla to many in the east valley cities


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