Mayor & Council Strategic Plan


Economic DevelopmentECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT pursues a variety of Healthcare, Education, Aerospace, Tourism/Technology (HEAT) and other dynamic, citywide opportunities, seeks entrepreneurial solutions, ensures success-oriented business and industry partnerships and tools, and delivers new jobs to propel Mesa’s economic growth, prosperity and innovative spirit forward within the global marketplace.

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Quality of LifeQUALITY OF LIFE for Mesa’s citizens and youth offers safe and clean neighborhoods, invests in outstanding recreation, libraries and community open space, delivers transportation choices, elevates culture, arts and education, and ensures solutions are sustainable and environmentally responsible.

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Community EngagementCOMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT builds pride in Mesa, encourages and develops a wide range of civic and neighborhood leadership, fosters the inclusion of a diverse community and workforce, involves non-profits, faith-based organizations, community youth and volunteers, and maximizes direct communications with residents using a variety of tools and technology. 

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Financial StabilityFINANCIAL STABILITY provides proactive leadership and considers all financial factors in order to diversify revenues, bring new jobs to Mesa, create responsible budgets, and ensure operational efficiencies.

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Regional LeadershipREGIONAL LEADERSHIP acknowledges that Mesa’s and the region’s well being are intertwined.  We recognize Mesa’s responsibility to be a leader of and an active participant in working with regional partners to find innovative and sustainable solutions to regional challenges.

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City Council "Legacy Projects"

In addition, this year the Council identified several “Legacy Projects.”  The Legacy Projects are those that should have a high priority focus during the next two-four years and are examples of efforts that respond directly to the Council’s Strategic Initiatives. 

  • Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport—expand economic impact as a regional, national and global hub of commerce.

  • Educational Community—invest in and value all levels of education and life-long learning, including colleges/universities that align with community values.

  • Transportation Infrastructure—advance all modalities, including light rail, surface streets, pedestrian and bike with thought given to regional connections.

  • Neighborhoods as the Place to Be—become a national best practice for revitalizing and planning neighborhoods to align with strong value Mesa places of family and neighborhood interaction.

  • Arts and Culture Matter—build on Mesa Arts Center success and recognize the community is enhanced by strong investments in arts/culture.

  • Downtown Mesa-- make downtown Mesa as the place to be for the community, business, education and visitors.




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