Countering Terrorism - What Can You Do


The Arizona Department of Public Safety has issued an Awareness Bulletin for Citizens that asks for the involvement of citizens in helping law enforcement protect life and property. Here is how you can assist Arizona law enforcement agencies in their goals of countering terrorism:

  • Remain alert and be aware of every day activities in your neighborhood.
  • Encourage the involvement of family, friends and neighbors.
  • Assume responsibility; observe and report activities that appear out of place or unusual.


If you become aware of suspicious activity, please do not take direct action, confront the individual or reveal your suspicions.

Here's what you can do: 

  • Record as many details as possible, and notify the appropriate authorities as soon as possible.
  • Ask the following questions:
    • WHO did I observe?
    • WHAT specifically did I see?
    • WHERE did I observe the suspicious behavior?
    • WHEN did I observe the suspicious behavior?
    • WHY do I think the behavior is suspicious?

Follow these tips on describing the situation:

  • Person
    • Sex 
    • Complexion (light, dark, ruddy, olive)
    • Race
    • Eyes (color, glasses)
    • Hair (color, length, facial)
    • Age (approx.) 
    • Peculiarities (scars, tattoos, missing limbs)
    • Height (approx.)
    • Weight (approx.) 
    • Build (medium, heavy, thin) 
    • Clothing (head to toe, style, color)
    • Weapon (if any)
    • Method of escape (direction, walking, driving)  
  • Vehicle
    • License Plate (most important)
    • Year,
    • Make,
    • Model
    • Body Type (2-door, van, SUV, etc.)
    • Damage or anything unusual, such as logos, bumper stickers or tinted windows
    • Passengers - number in vehicle


If you observe suspicious activity, please report it to the Mesa Police Department.

Thank you for your commitment to maintaining a safe community.