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Maricopa County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan Update Begins: Public Input Invited

Emergency response during a natural or man-made disaster is coordinated through the City of Mesa Fire and Medical Department's Emergency Management center.  During a disaster, residents and visitors in the Mesa area are advised to visit or tune to Mesa Channel 11 or local radio and television stations for information.

If your family does not already have one, please consider developing a family emergency plan now, as a precaution. This should include storing a supply of extra food, medicines, facemasks and other essential supplies.  

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8 Signs of Terrorism Video


Countering Terrorism: RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. Surviving an Active Shooter Event

Unfortunately, active shooter incidents in the workplace or other large public venues have become a reality in today's society. Although infrequent, the impact of these events has far reaching effects, not only on the victims and their loved ones, but on their communities and our nation as a whole. Law enforcement nationwide has responded decisively with a variety of dynamic training approaches designed to direct first responders during incidents of this nature. Many citizens have probably imagined themselves in similar situations and wondered what they would or should do. Law enforcement is now reaching beyond the ranks of our first responders and offering citizens some guidance. This video was created by the City of Houston and is designed to assist citizens with some scenario-based training regarding active shooter events. Available in Spanish, Vietnamese & Chinese here. This video contains dramatized scenes of violence that may be disturbing to some viewers.


The Community Emergency Notification System (CENS), also called Reverse 9-1-1, has expanded it's capability and is now able to register cell and Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phones within their database.  What this means is, if an event, incident, disaster or emergency meeting the CENS activation criteria occurs, the 9-1-1 dispatch center in the municipality will call and provide information and/or instruction to subscribers.  For more information, frequently asked questions and to register your cell or VoIP phone.



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