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Attempt to Identify Sex Assault/Burglary Suspect

Post Date:05/03/2017 3:23 PM

Mesa Police Department investigators continue to seek community assistance with identifying an unknown sex assault suspect. On January 9th 2017 between 2:00am and 4:00am the unknown male entered a residence in the area of 500 E. Broadway while the occupants were sleeping. While in the residence, he sexually assaulted a 4-year-old. The suspect was described as a Hispanic male, approximately 18-30 years old, short build, with short brown curly hair. Investigators collected DNA evidence from the scene and after exhausting all investigative leads, sought the services of Parabon NanoLabs (Parabon), a DNA technology company that specializes in DNA phenotyping: the process of predicting physical appearance and ancestry from unidentified DNA evidence.

Using DNA evidence from this investigation, a Snapshot composite was produced depicting what the Person of Interest (POI) may have looked like at 25 years old with an average body-mass index (BMI) of 22. The POI’s genomic ancestry matched a Latino with some African Admixture. These default values were used because age and BMI cannot be determined from DNA. It’s important to note that Snapshot composites are scientific approximations of appearance based on DNA and are not likely to be exact replicas of appearance. Environmental factors such as smoking, drinking, diet, and other non-environmental factors – e.g., facial hair, hairstyle, scars, etc. – cannot be predicted by DNA analysis and may cause further variation between the subject’s predicted and actual appearances.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Mesa Police Department at 480-644-2211 or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS. -

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