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Natural Gas Pipelines in Your Community

Post Date:05/02/2018 1:21 PM

Natural gas provides clean, economic, reliable, and efficient energy to homes, schools and businesses; they are one of the safest methods of energy transportation. As part of the City of Mesa Energy Resource’s ongoing Safety Program, pipelines are inspected regularly for damages or leaks. However, damage to pipelines can occur.

Gas pipelines are usually buried underground and you may not be aware that you live or work close to a pipeline. Yellow pipeline markers are used to identify the general location of underground lines and will provide the name of the facility owner, material transported, and an emergency contact number.

In its natural state, natural gas is odorless. Because of this, an odorant. similar to the smell of rotten eggs. is added to the gas as a safety measure to assist in detecting even the smallest leaks in appliances, house piping, and/or the distribution system.
A natural gas leak may be present if you...

• Smell: A rotten egg odor
• Hear: An unusual hissing, whistling or roaring sound coming from a pipeline, appliance, or a natural gas meter.
• See: Unusual changes to soil, dead or dying vegetation, damage to a natural gas appliance or pipeline, or dirt and debris blowing into the air.

If a natural gas leak is suspected, evacuate the area immediately! Do not light a match, use a phone, switch on/off lights, or do anything that may create a spark. Leave the area and from a safe location call the City of Mesa at 480-644-4277 (GASS) or call 911. Learn more at

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