Cable Company Contact Information

The City of Mesa administers two cable television license agreements with cable companies, Cox and CenturyLink on behalf of Mesa residents. The licenses are non-exclusive agreements meaning that other companies can provide cable services within the City of Mesa's jurisdiction upon obtaining a license.   

Mesa residents may also contact DIRECTV or DISH.

Unresolved Cable Complaints

The Business Services Administration office provides consumer assistance for citizens and businesses dealing with cable television matters by helping to resolve complaints, enforcing customer service standards and addressing other consumer-related license compliance issues.

Prior to calling the Unresolved Cable Complaint phone number, please contact the cable service provider's Customer Service department to allow them to address your issue. Your service provider will contact you within 48 hours to attempt to resolve your concern.

If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction and you feel further action by the cable service provider is required please call the City of Mesa, Unresolved Cable Complaint number at 480-644-2684.

Cable FAQs

I have crews from a cable company digging in my front yard, are they allowed to do this?  
YES. The licensed cable operator in Mesa has a license agreement allowing the use of Public Utility Easements and Public Right of Ways that adjoin your property, in a similar manner as other utility companies that operate in the city. In all cases, the cable provider should have a permit authorized by the City of Mesa, allowing them to conduct the work they plan to perform.
Is the cable provider required to notify me of construction work they plan to do at or around my home?  YES, a door hanger should be placed on your door several days before any planned construction occurs.  The door hanger should provide a phone number and identification of the cable operator working in your area.  

Should personnel from the cable operator or their subcontractor need to access a rear easement and nobody is home, then a door tag should be placed on the door alerting someone coming home that activity is occurring or has occurred on the property.  Subcontractors working for the cable operators have the same requirement to notify you of any activity that may affect your residence

What are these cable boxes doing in my yard?  
The "cable boxes" you see are called pedestals.  Pedestals vary in size, shape and color.  The equipment enclosed in the pedestal serves various purposes. The equipment inside is used to deliver services to customers and/or boost the quality of the signal to homes in the area.

I want the cable pedestal(s) in my yard relocated, can I request this to be done?  
The cable providers may be able to relocate a cable pedestal to another area in the public utility easement of the same property.  The cost of this relocation can be quite expensive and this expense may be the responsibility of the homeowner or resident.

A local cable provider has just completed work in my area. I would like to know what responsibility the cable provider has to restore damages to my property incurred because of their work.  The cable provider or its subcontractors are required to restore any property affected by their work to a condition comparable to how it was found.  

I have had some difficulties with one of the cable providers and I would like to register a formal complaint in the city records. How do I lodge a complaint with the City of Mesa?
If you feel that no other options are open to you, please feel free to call (480) 644-2684. The City of Mesa will make a record of your complaint and try to mediate a resolution to your issues with the cable provider(s).

I would like to have cable television' in my home, but I am not sure who services my neighborhood. Who should I call to identify services offered in my neighborhood?
For the most up to date information, contact the local cable providers: 

(623) 594-1000

Century Link
(480) 641-1680

I have had a billing discrepancy with my cable provider.  Who do I talk to about resolving my problem?  The City of Mesa requests that you contact your cable operator directly.  Cox at (623) 594-1000 and Century Link (480) 641-1680.

Once you have felt that you have exhausted all possible avenues, call the City of Mesa Cable Television Complaint number at (480) 644-2684.  Please leave your name, address, phone number and a brief description of the nature of your unresolved complaint.  If you have proper documentation of your account the City may be able to assist in mediating a solution between you and your cable provider.

Unresolved Cable Complaints