Finding a Medical Provider


 In Network Providers

  1. Go to the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona website at
  2. On the next screen, a "Find a Doctor" page will appear.  Enter the Zip, City, State and the Provider's name, specialty, facility, or keyword in the required fields and click on search.

Blue Cross has discontinued printing Provider Directories, so please use BCBS website to locate providers.  Blue Cross makes monthly updates to the site.  


Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Directory

(For Out-of-State Residents Enrolled in BCBS Blue Only)

We recommend calling BCBS Blue for providers in your area at 1 (866) 288-5788, or by visiting their website:

  1. Go to
  2. On the next screen, enter the alpha prefix "MDK" in the member ID section.

If you have questions or problems with finding a provider, please contact Benefits at (480) 644-2299 or call BCBS Blue at 1 (866) 288-5788.


For BCBS Blue National members visiting Arizona:

When you are back in Arizona and need medical care, please use your same BCBS Blue provider network. 

Tips for using the BCBS Blue network

  • If another insurance acts as primary (i.e., Medicare), and  City of Mesa is secondary, use of a BCBS Blue provider is not required when services rendered are covered by your primary insurer.  The primary carrier may not always cover services that the City of Mesa plans would pay.  For example, Medicare does not cover physical therapy (heat packs, ultrasounds, etc.) rendered by a chiropractor.  For these services to be considered at the in-network benefit, a BCBS Blue chiropractor would be required.
  • When you arrive for your appointment, present your BCBS Blue card to the provider.  If you did not receive a card, please contact the Employee Benefits Office at (480) 644-2299 or via email at
  • When your provider sends in a claim, it must be sent to the BCBS Blue address on the card - not to the City.  BCBS Blue will process the claims and the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) will come directly from BCBS Blue.
  • Providers should call BCBS Blue to verify coverage. 

Please remember:  
If you are having a surgical procedure or hospitalization, or if you are admitted to the hospital on an emergency basis, these services MUST be pre-certified by Arizona Foundation for Medical Care at 1 (800) 624-4277.


Employee Benefits
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