Health ID Cards

Medical Cards

Arizona Members

City plan members' ID cards act as both a health insurance and drug benefit card. Most of the essential information is on the front of the card, but organized effectively in a side-by-side approach.

The left side of the card contains prescription drug ID information to process prescription orders. Members have a new prescription drug ID number. It is your standard 5-digit medical plan ID number preceded by the letters RX and two zeros (e.g. RX0012345).

The right side of the card has the City of Mesa medical plan information including your standard 5-digit medical plan ID number plus eligibility/benefit verification, Nurse Line and Arizona Foundation for Medical Care phone numbers.

The back of the card contains more detailed information about medical plan processes (pre-certification requirements and medical claims address information) plus the new prescription drug paper claims address and contact information.

Please ask for a replacement card or new prescription card since our medical information is added on specially for the City of Mesa. Replacement or additional cards may be requested by calling CVS Caremark at 1-855-264-5048 or online at  

BCBS Blue Cards (out-of-state plan)

Out-of-State Medical Plan members will have a two card process rather than a combined card process. Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBSAZ) will deliver a traditional medical plan card. CVS Caremark will also deliver a traditional prescription drug card. Both of the cards for out-of-state members will have a 9- digit ID number, generated by Blue Cross Blue Shield. The medical identification card will also have a 3 digit alpha code MDK preceding the 9-digit number (e.g. MDK850000000).

The front of the prescription drug card has your 9- digit prescription ID number.

The back of the prescription drug card has the new prescription drug paper claims address and pharmacy contact information.

Replacement medical cards for out-of-state BCBS Blue members may be requested by contacting the AZ Blue Network at 1-866-288-5788 or online at

Replacement prescription cards may be requested by calling CVS Caremark at 1-855- 264-5048 or

Dental Cards

If you need a dental card, please use the CHIP portal and print off your card.


Vision Cards

Vision cards are not issued by VSP (Vision Service Plan).  To view your benefits, please log in to VSP* to view your member benefits.

*When logging in as a member on, your member ID is made up of 4 leading zeros followed by your 5-digit employee ID (ex. 000012345)




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