Prescription Benefits

Current Preferred Drug List


The City of Mesa's prescription benefits are administered by CVS Caremark. Members can contact CVS Caremark for a complete listing of participating pharmacies, contact them toll-free at 1(855) 264-5048, or visit (Registration with a valid e-mail address is required to view participating pharmacies in your area.)

CVS Formulary

Formulary changes can occur at any time under our prescription drug program. Some medications may be considered formulary brand under one provider but non formulary brand under another provider, meaning copayments could increase. Changing to a generic or formulary drug alternative, where available, may help you avoid higher copayments. Contact your doctor and ask whether changing to a preferred alternative would be right for you, where available. It is up to your doctor to choose the best medicine for you. All medications on the formulary list, including generics, have been evaluated for effectiveness and safety (e.g., side effects and drug-to-drug interactions).


Members can also visit to view current information on prescriptions and the CVS Performances Drug List.



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