Eastmark (Mesa Proving Grounds)

Community Plan, Development Unit Plans, Infrastructure Plans and Development Agreements

The Community Plan was approved by City Council on November 3, 2008.  This page contains the Community Plan planning documents, Development Unit Plans planning documents, Infrastructure Master Plans and Development Agreements for the 3200 acre property located between Ellsworth and Signal Butte Roads, south of Elliot Road.  To view these documents go to the links below (all files are in PDF format).


Photo of park

Development Unit Plans (under review)

DUP 3 South

Community Plan
PCD Ordinance Project Narrative  
Table of Contents with Amendments    
Section 1, Authority & Introduction Section 8, Design Guidelines Section 15, Lighting Standards
Section 2, Site and Context Section 9, Applicability of City of Mesa Engineering and Design Standards Section 16, Sign Standards
Section 3, Overall Vision Section 10, Street Standards Section 17, Supplementary Provisions
Section 4, Regulatory Framework Section 11, Parks and Plazas Standards Section 18, Definition of Terms
Section 5, Development Unit Plans Section 12, Landscaping Standards Section 19, List of Exhibits
Section 6, Final Development Plans Section 13, Stormwater Drainage and Retention Standards  
Section 7, Land Use Groups & Standards Section 14, Parking and Loading Standards  
Development Unit Plans (Approved)

DU 6 North DUP cover and table of contents

First Solar Site Plan


DRAFT DU 7 DUP cover and table of contents

Infrastructure Master Plans

Master Drainage Report - Draft 12/20/11 Master Transportation Plan - Final 12/03/11 Master Wastewater Report - Final
DU 7 Drainage Report- Final 12/20/11 DU 7 Transportation Report-final, 10/26/11 DU 7 Wastewater Report-Final, 12/20/11
Master Non-Potable Water Report - Final 6/12/09 Master Water Report - Final
    DU 7 Water Report- Final 12/20/11

Development Agreements

DMB Entitlements Development Agreement

1st Amendment to DMB Entitlements Development Agreement

Gaylord Entitlements Development Agreement

1st Amendment to the Gaylord Entitlements Development Agreement

Hospitality Facility & Convention Center Development Agreement

Part 1  
Part 2   
Part 3   
Part 4  
Part 5

1st Amendment to Hospitality Facilities Development Agreement

Application Documents

Application Citizen Participation Title Report
Ownership Map Citizen Participation Report Parcel Description