Public Safety Training Facility Burn Room


Currently, the Public Safety Training Facility includes a burn room, which burns ordinary combustibles, for training exercises. Most fire calls to which Mesa Fire and Medical responds fall into the ordinary combustible category. The facility is showing signs of heat-related damage and needs to be rebuilt to ensure that it is available for training.

In addition, with the potential for natural gas to act as an explosive, there is the need for proper training to respond to fire calls involving natural gas. Burn rooms using this type of fuel require specialized sensors, monitoring equipment and exhaust systems. If ordinary combustibles are used in natural gas burn rooms, the natural gas equipment quickly becomes contaminated and dirty, and thus inoperable.

Training with both ordinary combustibles and natural gas is important. Due to specialized nature of the equipment, two burn rooms are necessary for Mesa Fire and Medical training operations. With this project, the City would remodel the existing combustibles burn room and build a second natural gas burn room.


Training Facility Burn Room