Downtown Small Business Attraction Utility Rate Program
This program offers a 25% reduction on electric and water bills for the first three years for qualifying businesses located in the Town Center and Central Business District area of Mesa. Businesses must apply for the program within their first year of operation.

PHX East Valley Angel Investor Initiative
The City of Mesa is working with a number of PHX East Valley partners to catalyze economic growth by raising awareness of the importance of angel investing and enhancing access to early-stage funding for area tech startups. We are seeking individuals interested in becoming PHX East Valley angel investors. Learn how you can generate return on investment while helping to grow businesses in our region at Download the fact sheet [PDF].

City of Mesa Business Export Assistance Program (BEAP)
The City of Mesa Business Export Assistance Program (BEAP) provides small to medium-sized businesses in Mesa information, training, marketing and sales support that will help companies to:

  • Begin, or increase, exporting products and/or services to international markets.
  • Increase sales capacity and generate additional tax revenue to the City.
  • Expand operations and increase the company's ability to create net new jobs and capital investment.

To assist companies' expansions internationally, the City of Mesa BEAP is designed to relieve some of the financial burden many small to medium-sized companies face in attending training seminars, trade shows, sales missions, or in finding partners abroad to help grow their business.  The program reimburses qualified Mesa companies up to 50 percent of the pre-approved eligible fees.

The City of Mesa is now accepting applications for BEAP.  Please contact Erinn Huber at or 480-644-3963 for more information and to request an application.

Program Overview

Development Partnership Opportunities
The City of Mesa owns many acres of land with high density zoning within 1/2 mile of the four Light Rail Transit stations in Downtown Mesa along Main St. These sites are ripe for transit-oriented development partnership opportunities.
Call or email to learn more. 

Mesa Military Reuse Zone
If a project is located in an MRZ, it may qualify for tax credits, a TPT exemption or property reclassification. The Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Area has been designated as an MRZ.

Mesa Foreign Trade Zone #211
Qualified businesses located in the Mesa Foreign Trade Zone or sub-zone may reduce or defer tariffs and duties, and are eligible for up to an 72.2% reduction in state real and personal property taxes.

Downtown Sprinkler Cost Assistance Program
The Downtown Sprinkler Cost Assistance Program is designed to promote the greater utilization of vacant or underutilized space in Downtown Mesa by providing businesses with up to $20,000 for construction of a sprinkler system in such spaces.

Section 108 Loan Fund
Section 108 Loan Guarantee may be utilized by a business, property owner or developer needing financing for development projects that primarily benefit low and moderate-income individuals by creating jobs, and may also be used to help eliminate conditions of slum or blight, when deemed appropriate.

Private Activity Bonds
Private Activity Bonds are securities issued by or on behalf of a local government to provide debt financing for projects used for the trade or business of a private user.

Government Property Lease Excise Tax (GPLET) 
GPLET is a redevelopment tool used to initiate development by reducing a project's operating costs by replacing the real property tax with an excise tax.