Elliot Road and Signal Butte Road Improvement Projects

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Elliot Road Waterline - Sossaman to Signal Butte Road

Project Details

Kinkaid Civil Construction has been awarded the project to construct improvements to the water transmission system in the southeast valley.

Project Schedule/Updates

UPDATE: January, 2018 / February, 2018

Construction began the week of March 6, 2016.  Crews are currently installing 42" waterline from Ellsworth Road to the east. To date they have installed approximately 16,600 feet of pipe (only 3,500 feet left)!


The contractor continues installing the 42-inch waterline from Ellsworth to the east. As they get near the intersection of Signal Butte and Elliot, the barricade set-up will be modified. All traffic will be moved to the south side of the road and one lane in each direction and left turns will be maintained.

January 15, 2018 through January 19, 2018 - Left turns will be PROHIBITED for east and westbound traffic at the intersection of Signal Butte and Elliot. The manufacturer will be delivering more large diameter pipe.

There is ALOT of work going on in this area - so please slow down and drive with caution through the barricading!

Robert Babb



When sounding the pipe, Robert hits the pipe with a hammer at several locations around the diameter every 2 feet, listening for hollow sounds.  Hollow sounds indicate delamination = NO GOOD!!!   If hollows were found, the pipe would have to be repaired prior to installation.  

To date, Robert has rolled through using a pipe cart through the last of the pipe sections delivered to the project - over 500 joints that were sounded!  He will still have to enter the pipe and re-sound every joint after installation prior to acceptance.




CAP Raw Water Pipeline Project

Project Details

Garney Construction was awarded the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) to install a 54-inch pipeline that will extend along Elliot Road from Signal Butte Road to the east for approximately three miles. This pipeline will ultimately provide up to 53 million gallons of water per day to the Signal Butte Water Treatment Plant.

Project Schedule/Updates

UPDATE: January, 2018 / February, 2018

Garney Construction is really making progress - all underground piping on this phase of the project has been completed! The contractor is currently grouting and testing the new waterline. 


Now that the majority of the work on Phase I has been completed, the contractor will begin construction of Phase II in mid-March, 2018. Phase II includes roadway work, new medians and sidewalks with miscellaneous landscaping.

A new park is planned for the area east of the new Water Treatment Plant on the northeast corner of Signal Butte and Elliot Road. The City hosted a public meeting on December 13th to allow residents to view renderings of the proposed amenities. Below is a link to view the renderings that were presented at the meeting.

Park Concept Plans

If you have any questions, please contact Rene Powell or Michele Arrollado at 480-644-3800.