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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • About FSOP Program: How are inspection fees determined?

  • About FSOP: What is the Fire Inspection and Fire Safety Operational Permit (FSOP) Program and how will it affect my occupancy?

  • Contact Information: We have 24-hour security; do I still need to provide you with contact information?

  • Contact Information: What security measures will be taken to ensure my phone numbers and information will be kept safe, who will have access to my information?

  • Fee: I am planning to sell my occupancy/facility in a few months, do I have to pay the whole year?

  • Fee: I have two occupancies at the same address (different suites or buildings) do I have to pay the fee for both?

  • Fee: I only sublease this space, who is responsible for paying the fee?

  • Fee: I run a business out of my house. Will I have to pay the fee?

  • Fee: I will be opening a new occupancy; will I have to pay a fee?

  • Fee: If I own multiple occupancies, will I be charged for them all at the same time?

  • Fee: If my occupancy is a high risk over 12,000 square feet, do I pay the $459 and the $15

  • Fee: Our occupancy is moving down the street, do I have to pay another fee

  • Fee: What if I have more than one occupancy located in Mesa? Do I pay the whole fee for each location or can I get some kind of discount?

  • Fee: What type of additional fire service will be offered to me as a part of this fee?

  • Inspection: Will a fire inspector still come to my business?

  • Payment: Can I pay at the time of my inspection?

  • Payment: My corporate office pays all of my bills. Can you mail the bill to them?

  • Payment: What are the payment methods?

  • Permit: I am selling my occupancy/facility does the permit transfer ownership?

  • Permit: I lost my permit. Can I get a replacement and is there a charge?

  • Permit: I paid for the permit and have not received it, what should I do?

  • Permit: Is this an annual permit?

  • Permit: The state requires me to have an annual inspection before they will renew my license, will they accept this permit?

  • Permit: Where do I post the Fire Safety Operational Permit?

  • Phone Number: What if I change my phone number?

  • Phone Number: Why is it important for the Fire Department to have a phone number to call me?