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What is a Community Facility District?
A Community Facility District (CFD) is set up by local government agencies as a means of obtaining community funding for public works, services, improvements and development. Funding is used for building parks, roadways, sewer, water storm drain, signage, street light, landscape and related improvements.


What are these CFD charges on my property tax bill?
The Assessment charge relates to the Community Facility District (CFD) that was set up by the City of Mesa to provide funding for improvements within the planned community development areas referenced above. There are two charges on your tax bill. The Operations & Maintenance charges, or CFD charges, will go to operating the common areas indefinitely. The Special Assessment (SA) charge on your tax bill will go to pay the principal and interest on this funding.


How do I pay for the Assessment Area charge and/or the CFD charge on my property tax bill?
Remit your payment for the amount charged on your property tax bill along with your property tax. Payments are payable to the Maricopa County Assessor address referenced on your bill. If you property tax is remitted through your mortgage escrow account, you will not need a separate payment for the CFD charges. The Maricopa County Assessor will in turn remit the portion related to the Assessment Area and the CFD charge to the City of Mesa.


Can I pay off the entire assessment amount early?
The Operations & Maintenance charges, or CFD charges, are allocated to maintaining the common areas indefinitely, and are an additional annual tax based on the value of the property. These charges cannot be paid off.

The Special Assessment (SA) charge is a set amount plus interest on this amount. If you choose to payoff this amount early, you will need to obtain a payoff quote from the City of Mesa.


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Questions regarding the Assessments on your property tax bill?

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