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Museum and Cultural Advisory Board

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Fourth Thursday of every other month
4:00 p.m.
Mesa Arts Center, third floor, south Studios conference room (across the bridge)
One East Main Street

City Code

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Advise City Council on policies relating to arts and cultural facilities and services; advise City Council on policies relating to Public Art; make recommendations to City Council on fees and charges; attend programs and events of the Arts and Cultural Division and of the greater arts and cultural community; advocate as individuals, as appropriate, on behalf of arts and culture.

Board Members:


Nancy Aposhian, -Term expires 6-30-19

Dilworth Brinton, - Term expires 6-30-18 (CHAIR)

Jocelyn Condon, - Term expires 6-30-19

Gladys Contreras, - Term expires 6-30-18 (VICE CHAIR)

Michael Darr, - Term expires 6-30-20

Dr. David Dean, - Term expires 6-30-20

Melissa Sue Johnson, - Term expires 6-30-20

K. Alycia Perry, - Term expires 6-30-20

Benjamin Rundall, - Term expires 6-30-18

Michelle Streeter, - Term expires 6-30-18

Karina Wilhelm, -Term expires 6-30-19