Code Compliance works in partnership with the citizens of Mesa to promote and maintain a safe and attractive living and working environment.

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This Office is Responsible for Enforcing the Following City Ordinances

Public Nuisances, Property Maintenance and Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance (Title 8, Chapter 6)

Sign Code (Title 11)

Zoning Regulations (Title 11)

Maricopa County Rental Registration (ARS 33-1901, ARS 33-1902)


Reinspection Fees

Effective August 1, 2007 the following inspection fees will be charged to property owners:

$200 for an inspection following a Notice of Ordinance Violation where the violation has not been abated.

$100 for an inspection following a Civil Citation where the violation has not been abated.  This fee is charged for each consecutive inspection where the violation has not been abated.


Helpful Information and Additional Contacts

Wild Bees, Mosquitos

Officer Area Map (pdf, 1 page)


Animal Related Complaints 480-644-2268
Smoke Free Arizona 1-800-429-6676
Mesa Police Department (non-emergency) 480-644-2211
Solid Waste (Bulk trash pick-up, Dumpster arrangements) 480-644-6789
Environmental & Sustainability (Construction Dust, Environmental Issues) 480-644-3599
Maricopa County Zoning 602-506-3695
Landlord Tenant Disputes/Tenant's Rights Helpline 480-385-5056 (10:00am-1:00pm only)
Shopping Carts 1-800-843-2278


7:00am to 6:00pm, M-TH



Code Officer's Hours

6:30am to 5:00pm M-F


55 N. Center St.
(an appointment is strongly suggested, contact code officer directly)

Nuisance Complaints and Information


Laura Hyneman,
Deputy Director
Phone: (480) 644-3844
e-mail: laura.hyneman