The city is in the process of gating all alleys to prevent illegal dumping.  Each residence will be provided
a key to the gate.  The alley is cleaned prior to gating and all owners/residents are notified that from that
moment on, they are responsible for the maintenance of the alley to the center point of the alley behind
the property.

Overgrown alleys present several hazards:

    Dry vegetation presents a fire hazard. 
    Overgrown vegetation may harbor unwelcome rodents and other harmful wildlife. 
    Lack of good maintenance in the alley could present a danger to public safety responders.
    Lack of good maintenance inhibits workers from accessing your needed utilities for maintenance or repair.

Owners are responsible for maintenance to the center line of the alley directly behind their property:
    All overgrown vegetation must be removed and properly disposed of. 
    Trees overhanging the alley must be trimmed to a minimum height of 14 feet. 
    The alley is NOT the place to dump debris.

There are several programs within the city that may assist property owners in keeping the alleys clean:

    Obtain a green barrel for yard waste disposal.
    Organize a neighborhood Clean Sweep event and obtain a free dumpster.
    Contact your Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator regarding the Alley Gating program.