Permit By Inspection

The permit by inspection program (PBI) is a voluntary alternative to the standard construction document plan review and permit issuance processes for special projects of certain occupancies and degree of complexity.   PBI is intended to provide a stream-lined approach to permit review and issuance in which Senior Building Inspectors review permit applications and approve the issuance of the permit.  The inspector performs the required inspections as the work progresses on that permit. This option can significantly reduce the time required for plan review and can enhance field resolution of construction challenges.  There is a 20% premium in addition to the building permit fee and other fees. 

Benefits of the program include:

  • Saves time and money

  • Typically the permit is processed in a 5 day turnaround time

  • Cuts down on paperwork

  • Much of process is done by email

  • One contact person who is familiar with the project and special conditions.

  • Quick response time to changing field conditions

 Projects eligible for consideration under the PBI shall comply with all of the following limitations:

      A.  Tenant improvement or tenant completion permits involving Group B (Business), Group M (Mercantile), or Group S (Storage)


      B.  Not involving a change of occupancy, except changes between Group B and Group M occupancies

      C.  Not more than 10,000 square feet in floor area

      D.  Not involving high piled storage or hazardous materials and

      E.  Not requiring additional zoning approvals.