Code Enforcement Priorities




Please note that the Code Compliance Office works from the priority list noted below. Complaints high on the list are responded to immediately.  Complaints low on the priority list may take additional response time.


1.      Life safety construction inspections (unstable buildings, etc.)

2.      Utility inspection with person living on premises

3.      Unsecured building / property / appliances

4.      Stagnant pools

5.      Pool fencing or hazardous fence

6.      Parking on unimproved surface

7.      Weeds or dead plants (fire hazard)

8.      Obstruction in public ROW

9.      Unauthorized construction

10.    Junk or storage (Fire hazard)

11.    Housing or property maintenance

12.    Non-life safety zoning code violations

13.    All other complaints - nuisance violations
         a.      Abandoned or inoperable vehicle
         b.      Graffiti
         c.      Commercial vehicle parking
         d.      Prohibited plant material
         e.      Deteriorated or other signs, including campaign signs
         f.       RV / boat / utility trailer / other vehicle-type parking or storage

14.    Signs