Landscape Watering Reminder - December

While our typical first frost date is around Dec. 12, early frosts have already nipped the tops of some cold-sensitive plants causing the tips to wilt or turn black. Learn about frost and how to protect your plants in a University of Arizona publication.

For frost warning advisories, visit the National Weather Service Phoenix Web site and click on "Read watches, warnings and advisories."



Recommendations are for plants that are established in the landscape (in the ground about 2 years).

Note: These recommendations are a general guideline only and may need to be modified for your specific site conditions.

frosted ficus tree

A new color for the crayon box, Ficus Brown occurs when temperatures dip too low.

Photo by Donna DiFrancesco.

Lawn watering:
Summer grass (Bermuda) - once every 30 days
Overseeded cool season grass (rye) - once every 10 -14 days
If trees and shrubs are on the same valve:
Desert Adapted - once every 35 days
High Water Use - once every 18 days
Tree watering:
Desert Adapted -once every 45 days
High Water Use - once every 21 days
Shrub watering:
Desert Adapted - once every 30 days
High Water Use - once every 14 days
Groundcover and vine watering:
Desert Adapted - once every 28 days
High Water Use - once every 14 days
Cacti and succulent watering - if needed
Annual & vegetable watering - once every 7-10 days

Wildflower watering - once every 10 -15 days

Reduce your landscape watering 30 to 50 percent by adjusting your irrigation each season. Landscape Watering by the Numbers: A Guide for the Arizona Desert will help you determine how much water to apply and how long to run your system. Visit the interactive Web version or request a free copy of the booklet at
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