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COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT builds pride in Mesa, encourages and develops a wide range of civic and neighborhood leadership, involves non-profits, faith-based organizations, community youth and volunteers, and maximizes direct communications with residents using a variety of tools and technology. 
Mayor and Council’s Community Engagement vision statements:

  • Volunteerism at an All-Time High in Mesa:  More residents have taken ownership of their community and have invested their time, talents and treasure to support community priorities.

  • Council Ownership and Teamwork Has Created iMesa Successes:  Having the Mayor and Council fully engaged and working together on iMesa has helped ensure the program’s success in "Building a Better Mesa."  Also, Mayor and Council have more support for getting connected with the community and have via fully utilized the potential of social media, traditional media like Channel 11 and other outreach tools.

  • Community Trust (and investment) Built Through Open Communications:  Mesa has an engaged, thoughtful electorate who are willing to invest in our community because they know that processes are transparent, sustainable, and innovative. All points of view are considered and communication is clear on why a certain direction is chosen and why another direction was not chosen. Citizens, staff and elected officials feel safe and valued about their opinions and know that all ideas are welcome in Mesa.

  • iMesa Widely Recognized as a Trusted Tool to Set Mesa’s Future Course:  iMesa has become the widely recognized symbol of a community coming together in various forums to determine Mesa's future and implement action plans.  All segments of the community believe they have a voice, whether through volunteering, serving on boards, communicating through social media, etc.

  • Youth Volunteerism, Involvement Result in an Intent to Stay in Mesa:  Mesa high school residents (this would include the Gilbert HS, charter and private school attendees) are required to engage in community service hours within Mesa.  This has offered students an opportunity to give back to their community and has allowed them to be involved in new ideas and areas.  As a result, Mesa’s youth now have a greater sense of community and want to continue to live in Mesa as adults.

  • Mesa’s Youth – Critical Part of Building a Better Mesa:  Participating in community events and the iMesa program has helped Mesa’s youth be actively involved in “Building a Better Mesa” and lowering community crime.  Mesa’s youth feel connected and a part of the community because their specific needs, wants, or concerns are being addressed.

  • Youth Return to Mesa to Make it Their Home:  With every interaction we have with our youth in this community, we have made strives to invite the youth to come back to Mesa to live, work and raise their families and strengthen this community. As a result, youth who have on school, military service and educational opportunities are moving back to Mesa and are working to make Mesa an even better place in the future.

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