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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT that pursues a variety of Healthcare, Education, Aerospace, Tourism/Technology (HEAT) and other dynamic, citywide opportunities, seeks entrepreneurial solutions, ensures success-oriented business and industry partnerships and tools, and delivers new jobs to propel Mesa’s economic growth, prosperity and innovative spirit forward within the global marketplace. 
Mayor and Council’s Individual Economic Development Vision Statements:

  • Mesa Innovation and Creativity:  Mesa is a place for entrepreneurship, innovation and attracts the best and the brightest to our community. Innovators come to Mesa because of the great variety of cultural and educational opportunities. Mesa is a melting pot of creative folks from all walks of life, cultures and ages. Mesa emerges as the "place to be" in the Valley for smart, creative people.

  • Job Creation:  Mesa lands major business and our reputation in the Valley and the U.S. is that we are a ‘get it done city’ that is willing to do what it takes to attract jobs to our community.

  • Economic Development Resources:  Mesa has added resources to its Economic Development Department to be able to address the diverse and multiple identified priorities.  For a city our size and with our ambitions, we are understaffed in this area.  We have great economic development staff but they are spread quite thin.

  • Higher Education Institution Downtown: Mesa has secured an institution of higher learning in Downtown Mesa.  This resource brings new investment to the downtown region and fosters new business growth. When the light rail is completed, it will bring outside students to the downtown area.   Having an education institution in downtown allows Mesa residents the ability to gain an education and stay in Mesa while providing them with the resources to succeed in life.
  • Change Mesa's Image:  Mesa’s image has changed because we have delivered projects promised, i.e. Cubs stadium, downtown light rail, Gaylord, progress in Fiesta District, Air Force Research Lab at Gateway Airport, new business at Gateway.  These successes now breed new investment and initiatives that will create more opportunities and successes.

  • Turning Ideas into Industry:  Mesa has become a place where innovated ideas move from the classroom to new businesses. We have fantastic ‘idea nurseries’ in ASU Polytechnic and the Air Force Research Lab.  Students, engineers, professors, and everyday Mesa residents’ ideas are able to turn into the next great Mesa-based business and employer. The City has adopted ways to facilitate this transformation.

  • Educated Workforce:  Mesa has an educated and skilled workforce that help us attract high tech/high wage industry and jobs.  In addition to college education, we have tech-based education as well. 

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