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QUALITY OF LIFE for Mesa’s citizens and youth offers safe and clean neighborhoods, invests in outstanding recreation, libraries and community open space, delivers transportation choices, elevates culture, arts and education, and ensures solutions are sustainable and environmentally responsible.
When asked:  “It's two years from now...what priorities and key outcomes do you believe we should have underway or accomplished for Mesa’s Quality of Life?”  The Mayor and Council’s summarized responses included:

  1. A great sense of neighborhood pride exists throughout Mesa
  2. A strategic development plan for our parks is well defined and underway
  3. The Express library concept is being expanded
  4. Transportation alternatives are upgraded to ensure we serve the full city
  5. Private and non-profit sectors are helping support development of our parks
  6. Light rail is being extended to Gilbert Rd.
  7. Public safety continues to be a Mesa priority
  8. The Mesa Arts Center is developed as a true community center
  9. Downtown Mesa has an increased number of events/celebrations
  10. Mesa is a regional leader on green initiatives
  11. Downtown night life is active
  12. The Mesa Community College events center and sports facilities are complete
  13. Major road beautification project investments are underway
  14. iMesa has become a tool to enhance Mesa’s quality of life
  15. Blighted areas are being cleaned up and Mesa has an early warning system for emerging areas


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