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REGIONAL LEADERSHIP acknowledges that Mesa’s and the region’s well being are intertwined.  We recognize Mesa’s responsibility to be a leader of and an active participant in working with regional partners to find innovative and sustainable solutions to regional challenges.
Mayor and Council Vision Statements for Regional Leadership:

  • Collaborative Governance:  Mesa is the model for collaborative governance among its Mayor and Council, has all members actively engaged in regional, state and national organizations, and is setting the trend for other Arizona cities to follow.

  • Leadership and Teamwork:  Mesa's Mayor and Council, Staff and Citizens, particularly the business community work together to improve the entire region, with recognition that a regional success begets a local success. Mesa leads the notion of cooperative employment and sales tax base, which results in regional cooperation on the service delivery in a variety of areas including public safety, economic development, and transportation.

  • Global and International Focus:  Mesa has expanded our view of what it means to be "regional." We actively engage the global community to encourage international trade and commerce, and bring new businesses to Mesa. Gateway Airport and its foreign trade zone is viewed and used to our advantage.  The Greater Phoenix Economic Council understands Mesa’s important role in the regional and state market, and as such, helps us accomplish our economic development initiatives. 

  • Service through Innovation:  As the third largest city in the state, Mesa is the innovator on how to do business, how to deliver City services, how to deliver public safety, and how to attract overseas companies.  This is done by a strong elected leadership and allowing the experts that work inside the city to innovate, expand and explore.  This will cement our future as the place to live, do business, have access to outstanding higher education and definitely to play/recreate.

  • Influential Leadership:  Mesa is a major player in the east valley who exercises our leadership through buying power and influence on regionally delivered services. We choose our battles strategically in order to seek important change that is good for the State, Region and Mesa. 

  • Recognized as a Regional, National Leader:  Mesa is recognized as a leader in the region, nationally and internationally.  Councilmembers and the Mayor serve on a myriad of policy boards.   People know that Mesa leads the way politically, economically, and culturally. Politically, we have a Council that works together to solve problems. Economically, we draw businesses with high-paying jobs to Mesa. Culturally, we have the largest arts center in the southwest and museums that enrich our community.

  • Catalyst for Positive Change and Direction:  Mesa is recognized throughout the Valley and the State as a leader in efforts to build a more prosperous and successful region.  We have accomplished that by being innovative and engaged.  We are leading by example, trying new things and creating sustainable solutions.  Our Mayor and all Councilmembers are active in regional, state and national organizations.  Mesa is known as a catalyst for positive change.  Through these efforts, Mesa itself prospers at a level far beyond what it would be if we were hindered with parochial views and leadership.

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