Option 1 - Attend defensive driving class

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  • Please click ecourt to confirm your complaint has been filed before registering for class.
  • You have not attended a class for ticket dismissal in the last 24 months
  • Your ticket did not involve an accident with a fatality or serious injury
  • You did not have a commercial driver license on the date of violation.

If there is more than one civil traffic charge on the complaint, and you are eligible, the Defensive Driving Program option is available for only one of the eligible civil traffic charges.

If you complete the program:

  • The charge for which you attended will be dismissed.
  • No points will be placed on your driving record.
  • You do not have to appear in court on this charge.
  • You must resolve all other charges.

    How to Register:

    You need to contact an agency approved by the Arizona Supreme Court for Defensive Driving Classes.  To obtain a list of these agencies, call the Arizona Supreme Court at 1-888-334-5565 or visit their website www.azcourts.gov/driveschoolinfo.

    When you contact the agency to register, make sure to have your copy of the complaint (the ticket), as you may need to provide some of the information contained in your complaint.

    Class must be completed seven days prior to your scheduled court appearance date.  You may request an extension of your scheduled court date to attend Defensive Driving Class by ecourt, over the phone, or in person.

    What to take to Class:

    Bring to class your driver license, your copy of the complaint, and a money order. The school will not accept cash or personal checks.

    If you have been to court to request a continuance from your original court date, you must bring the continuance form to class. You cannot take the class without this form.


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