Select to view photos of a traffic complaint issued through the Mesa Police Department's photo-safety program. You must have the notice number and PIN number to view the photos.

Do you have questions about a ticket you just received? Click on the corresponding links below to find out what your options are:

Civil Traffic (Speeding, Insurance, Registration, Red Light)

Photo Enforcement information (How does it work, Speed Vans, Intersection Speed cameras, fine amount, fixed speed cameras in school zone.)

C.A.P.P. Children Are Priceless Passengers

Misdemeanor (Dog at Large, Driving Under the Influence, Shoplifting, Assault)

Parking (Handicap, Red Curb, Prohibited/Restricted) 

Civil Traffic Sanction Schedule

Payment Information



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Court Home

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Online Case Access
Protection Orders


Payment Information

Sanction Schedule


Telephone Access

Electronic Monitoring

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Jury Information

The Courtroom

Map of other Courts in Mesa and Dept. Motor Vehicle offices

Useful Links  Mesa City Prosecutor,  Small Claims, Civil Suits, Evictions, and Protective Orders.