MesaCAN Guidelines

Standby Clients/Emergency Assistance

  1. Applicant receives MesaCAN prescreen form and asked by reception staff if the applicant has the necessary documents readily available.
  2. Receptionist reviews prescreening form to determine if applicant meets standby criteria and consults with Client Services Supervisor, if necessary.
  3. If applicant is eligible for standby, the applicant is placed on the standby list.  If the applicant is not eligible for standby status, s/he will be informed of the current guidelines for obtaining an appointment for rent and/or utilities.
  4. The Client Services staff person on call will be notified of the standby.
  5. If the standby staff member is unavailable, the receptionist will offer the applicant the option to either wait until staff is available or return the next working day during standby hours.
  6. Staff reviews the prescreen form and meets with the applicant.

Standby hours are:
Monday-Friday (except holidays or training days)
8am to 3pm
Changes will be posted on both outside doors
1. Utility.  If a person in the applicant household includes children six years old and younger, disabled or elderly (over 60) or the utility is off or the household has a utility disconnection notice indicating that the utility will be shut off or the applicant has a written delinquent notice, the applicant will be interviewed for utility assistance.  Utility deposits will be paid during regular utility/rent appointments (unless applicant provides information they are living in the home with out utilities and deposit is needed).  M-Power requests will be considered on standby.  M-Power customers will be encouraged to utilize other resources to maintain their power service.
MesaCAN's standby procedure allows for the extraordinary case that requires immediate attention and action pursuant to MesaCAN's internal goals and objectives and the contract requirements of the City of Mesa (see page 6 of City of Mesa contract - "Customers meeting the triage criteria are seen the same day."

  1. Proof of income for the last 30 days, prior to your appointment date, for everyone in your household (includes check or pay stubs, award letters from TANF Cash Assistance, General Assistance, Social Security, SSI, SSDI, unemployment, Workers Compensation). If no income, verification of last day worked or last income statement.
  2. Social Security cards for all members in the household.
  3. Birth Certificates for all members in the household.
  4. Current lease agreement and/or rent receipt with name, address, and telephone number of landlord, or house payment receipt.
  5. Utility bills:  Salt River Project (SRP), Southwest Gas, and City of Mesa Utility.
  6. Proof of emergency:  Verification/documentation of the cause of your emergency beyond your control.  (Examples: receipts of unexpected expenses, doctor's statement, police report, letter from employer, etc.)
  7. Photo identification for all adults in the household.
  8. If you do not speak English, please bring your own language translator.


Representatives are available by phone 7:00 am until 6:00 pm Monday-Thursday (closed Friday)


Toll Free: Outside local calling areas only.
E-mail (please do not send sensitive information such as credit card or social security numbers)