Development Planning/Civil Engineering Plan Review

The primary functions of the Development Planning/Civil Engineering Plan Review staff are:


Civil Engineering, Preliminary and Construction Document Plan Review

Review development projects for compliance with public works (utilities, streets, street lighting and traffic signals), drainage requirements, subdivision plats and dedications.


Development Agreements

The City of Mesa offers several financial programs that are formalized into an agreement to assist developers with their project.
  • City Share Financial Participation Program: This program is available to developers that are requested or required to install oversized public infrastructure improvements and/or facilities to meet both regional and local needs.

  • Utility Buy-In Program, aka Private Line Agreements: This program provides a mechanism for qualified developments to recover some of the costs associated with extending public water and sewer mains to their properties.

  • Utility Service Agreements: Properties outside the City limits may be eligible for City services such as sewer and/or water.  Please contact Veronica Gonzalez at (480) 644-4865 to determine eligibility.

  • Payment In Lieu of Construction Agreements: Allowing for developers to satisfy their obligation for the design, installation and/or construction of specified required public improvements via payment to the City for future construction.


Non-City Utility Permits (NCUs)
Responsible for the coordination and permitting of utility providers such as Cox Communications and Qwest to install utilities and/or facilities within the City of Mesa right-of-way.

Related Development Information

Utility quarter section maps, master drainage reports and record drawings are available for research or viewing at our office located at 55 N. Center Street.  To request copies of these documents, please complete a Document Retrieval Request Form  and submit in person to the Document Retrieval Desk or via fax at (480) 644-5542.  For current records request fees, please see our Schedule of Fees and Charges



7:00am to 6:00pm, M-TH


(480) 644-4273


55 N. Center St.
Mesa, AZ  85201


Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1466
Mesa, AZ  85201


Beth Hughes-Ornelas

Beth Hughes-Ornelas,
Deputy Director

Phone: (480) 644-3254


Beth Hughes-Ornelas


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