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A - D

Address & Street Name Assignment  - Resolution #10116

Certificate of Insurance Form

Civil Commercial Screening Checklist

Civil Plan Review - List of Standard Comments

Code Modification Application

Commercial Permit Submittal Checklist

Construction Permit Application

Construction Plan Review Requirements

Commercial Screening Checklist

Contractor Verification Form

Desert Uplands Development Standards for Building Envelope Lots

Detached Accessory Structures Brochure

Document Retrieval Request


E - H

Electrical Code Plan Review Checklist

Engineering & Design Standards

Fees and Charges - Development Services

Final Plat Checklist - Development Engineering

Fire CD CAD Notice and Form

Fire Code NFPA 13 2007 Checklist

Fire Code NFPA 13D 2007 Checklist

Fire Code Plan Review Hood Suppression Checklist

Fire Code Plan Review Medical Gases Checklist

Fire Code Plan Review Spray Booth Checklist

Fire Code Plan Review TI Remodels Checklist

Fire Code Plan Review TI Sprinklers Checklist

Fire Code Residential Building Checklist

Fire Gas Code Plan Review Checklist

Fire Screening Checklist

Hazardous Materials Management

High Piled Combustible Storage Disclosure Form

Historical Record of Codes Adoption


I - L

IFC Fire Alarm Checklist (2006)

IFC General Fire Code Requirements

Industrial Pretreatment Form


M - P

Mechanical Plan Review Checklist

Mesa Fire Department Details and Forms

Mesa Standard Details

Non-City Utility Permit Application

Off-site Improvement Regulations

Plumbing Code Plan Review Checklist

Pools and Spa Brochure


Q - T

Residential Screening Checklist

Sign Checklist

Sign FAQs

Signs - 10 Steps to Get Your Sign Permit Approved in One Review

Special Inspection Certificate

Subdivision Regulations

Submittal Documents Checklist


U - Z

Zoning Plan Review Screening Checklist

Zoning Ordinance