Fiesta District News and Updates

Stakeholder Meeting Presentations District News
Southern Avenue Improvements Presentation
Meeting date 3-22-12
Taps Signature Cuisine & Bar opens
Fiesta Commons Presentation
Meeting date11-15-12
Upper Iowa University in Fiesta District - Grand  Opening
Mesa Community College Presentation
Meeting date11-15-12
Improvements Slated for the Fiesta District
Police Station Presentation
Meeting date11-15-12
Additional Economic Development News
Southern Avenue Improvement Plans
Southern Avenue Furniture Concepts  
Fiesta District Implementation Plan

Fiesta District Design Handbook

The City of Mesa retained PMC to prepare a design for the Fiesta District, a major City business center in need of revitalization. This District Design Handbook includes development of a District Brand, Vision, and identified improvements to define a unique sense of place while improving transportation and pedestrian linkages. The City Council approved the Fiesta District Design Handbook January 25, 2009.

Project components include: a Community Outreach Strategy, development of a District Branding Plan, a circulation plan, design concepts, guidelines, and standards for public and private improvements, and an implementation strategy providing financing options, estimated improvement costs with recommended phasing & priorities.

Fiesta District
Project Documents

District Design Handbook (253 pages)

Ch 1: Introduction & Vision

Ch 2: Strategic Branding Plan 

Ch 3: Private Realm Design Guidelines

Ch 4: Public Realm Design Guidelines

Ch 5: Implementation & Action Plan

Supporting Documents

Fiesta District Boundaries Map

Fiesta District Investment Map



For more information about the Fiesta District, please contact Lori Gary