Customer Underground Piping

Do you own a buried gas line?

The City of Mesa operates and maintains the piping system up to and including the meter found outside a home or business.  Did you know that the natural gas piping from the meter to your appliances belongs to you? Customers have always owned this piping but may not have been aware of that.  This piping belongs to you and is your responsibility to maintain.  Gas piping is part of the building, much like your plumbing and electrical systems, and you need to maintain it accordingly.  This also includes the piping to your outdoor appliances (grills, pool heaters, etc.). 

Have you checked your gas lines recently?

In order to maintain the safest system possible and avoid any potential hazards of corrosion or leakage in this portion of the piping system, the City of Mesa encourages all our customers to periodically inspect their piping for leaks and corrosion (rust).  If an unsafe condition is discovered and repairs are needed, it is recommended that the pipe be located and repaired by a qualified plumber, or a heating/cooling contractor. 

Are you planning a digging or excavation project?

Additionally, it is important to remember to avoid damage when excavating near a buried gas pipe.  Call 811 at least two (2) working days before starting your project (excluding weekends, and legal holidays) to have underground utilities marked.  Please be aware that utility owners will only mark what they own and maintain, typically this means they will only mark to their meter. Anything beyond the meter is customer-owned and maintained, and may not be marked by the utility company.  Plumbing and heating contractors can assist with locating pipe.  The pipe should be located in advance and the excavation must be done by hand.

The City of Mesa's highest priority is public safety.  Working together we can provide the safest and most reliable energy service for everyone.  If you have any questions regarding customer piping, call the City of Mesa at 480-644-4552.

As always if you ever smell natural gas, or for any gas emergency, contact the City of Mesa, at 480-644-4277 (GASS) any time day or night, or 911.  We will respond and there is no charge for this service.  It is our commitment to provide a safe energy alternative to you, our valued customer. 






Examples of Customer
Underground Piping

In the City of Mesa's natural gas system, the round regulator by the meter is always on the City's piping. The yellow arrow indicates the customer's piping.

*These pictures are examples of typical meters.   Other situations may exist in and around your home that are not depicted here.  

Underground Piping


Gas Meter


Gas Meter


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