Approved List of Detectable Warning Products (Truncated Domes)

Only truncated domes on the following list are approved for installation within the City of Mesa.

Revised April 26, 2012

  1. Rampdome Tiles as manufactured by Rampdome Systems
  2. "CASTinTACT" tactile warning panels as maunfactured by Masco
  3. Cast-In-Place composite paver tiles as  manufactured by ADA Solutions, Inc.
  4. "Cast-In-Place System" by Armor-Tile Tactile Systems
  5. Tek-Way Dome Tile as manufactured by StronGo Industries, LLC
  6. ADA Tactile Detectable Warning Panels as manufactured by Arcis Corporation
  7. SureDome by Advanced Surface Systems, Inc.
  8. Access Tile by Access Products, Inc.
  9. ADA Detectable Warning.ces by ACO Polymer Products, Inc.
  10. MetaPanel as manufactured by MetaDome, LLC.