Dobson Road and University Drive Intersection Improvements



Project Updates



   project is complete

Project Schedule

Construction is expected to be completed by August 2013.

Project Details

The Dobson and University intersection improvements project will include pavement reconstruction of Dobson Road to 1st Street, north to the Tempe Canal, and University Drive from the Tempe Canal east to approximately 675 feet west of Alma School Road.

The project does not provide any additional through lanes, but the north side of University Drive, west of Dobson Road will be widened enough to provide full width bike lanes that will connect to existing bike lanes east and west of the project limits. New aesthetic type bus shelters will be installed on University Drive, east and west of Dobson Road, with a pullout constructed for the western shelter.

Water, gas and wastewater line replacements will be included in portions of University Drive extending to Alma School Road, along with water and storm drain a gas regulator station in portions of Dobson Road.

Project Funding

The recommended award amount for this project is $7,558,344.31 based on a lowest bid of $6,871,222.21 plus an additional $687,122.21 (10% allowance for City requested change orders). Funding is available in the fiscal year 12/13, Streets, Water, Wastewater and Gas Bond programs.