Improvements to Pasadena Pump Station and Reservoir

Project Number 01-606-005


Project Updates


The City of Mesa has awarded this project to Garney Construction

Installation of the shade canopy is complete.


Project Schedule

Construction on this project began in August 2012.  Completion of this project is to be determined.

Project Details

The Pasadena Pump Station is one of three major pump stations that receive water from the Val Vista Water Treatment Plant and distribute it within the City Water Service Zone (City Zone), with the Pasadena site providing approximately 60% of the flow to the City Zone.

The Pasadena Pump Station and 10 million gallon reservoir were originally constructed in 1952.  The original pump station was replaced in 1982, but the original reservoir remains in service today.  The pump station includes ten (10) existing pumps. Several of the pumps and motors are past their useful life and need to be replaced. The reservoir floor has a history of cracking in numerous locations. Installation of a reservoir liner will provide a factor of safety against future crack development and water loss from the reservoir.  In addition, major electrical equipment components are at the end of their service life, and must be replaced due to obsolete components or limited availability of replacement parts.

This project will increase station pumping capacity the reliability and level of service of the pump station to meet existing and projected water demands in the City Water Zone. Proposed improvements include a new electrical room, electrical and controls systems, pumps, motors and a new chlorination system.  In addition, this project will install a solar-powered reservoir mixing system to improve water quality, upgrade the existing electrical systems, and site security will be improved with the installation of a card access system, gates and masonry walls. This project will also install a reservoir liner over the existing concrete floor and walls.


Project Funding

The recommended total award amount for this project is $6,342,875.00, based on the lowest bid of $5,766,250.00 plus an additional $576,625.00 (10% allowance for change orders).  This project is funded from the preliminary FY 12/13 Water Bond Capital Program.