Pasadena Reservoir Fill Line Rehabilitation
Project Number CP0337


Project Updates


The City of Mesa has selected  B&F Contracting Inc. at the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR). During Construction your contact for B&F Contracting Inc. is Mike Elkins at (602) 361-2378.


Contractor has installed all of the liner pipe and has just completed inspection of the pipe. The test flanges and wall anchors hace been installed and the line was filled over the weekend. Pressure testing will start this week.


Project Schedule

Construction on this project will begin late April  2014 with completion scheduled for end of August 2014.

Project Details

The City's Water Resources Department regularly inspects water deliver infrastructure to monitor its condition and facilitate prioritization of maintenance and improvement projects. Recent surveys of the condition of the 42-inch diameter pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) waterline for the Pasadena Reservoir (which fills the reservoir from the Val Vista Treatment Plant) revealed evidence of deterioration in the segment that passes through the Park Centre Casitas development. Because the existing pipe line passes through a developed area with limited clearance from existing homes, the City determined that removal and replacement of the pipe using open excavation methods is not feasible. It was determined to rehabilitate this line by installing a new high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, as a liner, inside the existing deteriorated pipe. The liner pipe will support imposed loads should the existing pipe further deteriorate over time.


Project Funding

The recommended total award amount for this project is $1,795,802.93, based on the GMP proposal of 1,623,548.12 plus an additional $163,254.81 (10% allowance for change orders).  This project is funded by the voter approved 2010 Water Bond Fund.