New Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons Along Sossaman Road  Project No. C01365



Project Updates



The City of Mesa has awarded a Job Order Contract to Talis Corporation for this project.

The contractor has finished all work except for relocating the traffic signal cabinets. Waiting on estimated relocation time.

Project Schedule

Project started September 10, 2013 and is scheduled to be finished January 2014.

Project Details

The City of Mesa will install two Pedestrian Hybrids Beacons on Sossaman Toad south of the US 60 to provide pedestrian crossings. There are currently two, existing unsignalized crossings in the vicinity of Desert Sands Golf Course; approximately 360 feet south of Inverness Avenue and 165 feet south of Juanita Avenue. This project will move the existing northernmost crossing about 220 feet farther to the south to provide sufficient separation between the new Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon and the US 60 interchange. The southernmost crossing will move marginally to the south and will be upgraded to comply with current design standards. The project will also install the needed conduits, conductors, fiber optic cable, controller cabinets, foundations, poles, mast arms, traffic signal indications, pedestrian features as well as signing and striping.

The City of Mesa chose to install the Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon at these two locations to provide a safe and easier crossing for residents and golfers at Desert Sands.

Project Funding

The funding for this project is coming from Transportation sales tax.