Particulate Matter (PM-10)

Particulate matter that is less than ten microns in size is defined as PM-10. When suspended in the air, this small particulate matter affects humans as it is inhaled, forcing the heart and lungs to work harder to provide oxygen to the body. This can lead to a decreased breathing ability and damage to the heart.

The harmful effects are particularly severe in the elderly, children and persons with pre-existing respiratory problems.

The City of Mesa has developed an ordinance that establishes PM-10 control requirements for construction sites, as well as other dust generating activities such as weed control, livestock areas, vacant parcels, and road work. The City has also developed a webpage specific to the City environmental requirements for construction activities.  Click the links below to access these documents.



Some Major PM-10 Sources


  • Earth-moving activities such as grading, construction, demolition, trenching.
  • Driving on unpaved roads or surfaces
  • Material handling and transport
  • Disturbance of storage piles
  • Re-suspension of dust deposited on paved roads from trackout or spillage
  • Wind erosion from unstabilized and/or disturbed vacant lots


Help Reduce Particulate Pollution


  • Keeping any open area or vacant lots you own or are responsible for stabilized.  Apply water to form a crust, or apply gravel or a soil stabilizer, plant vegetation
  • NOT driving or parking on unpaved roads, shoulders or lots unless it's absolutely necessary
  • Using marked trails and designated areas when having fun with your dirt bike, ATV or off road vehicle
  • NOT using your dirt bike, ATV or off road vehicle on dry river bottoms, other desert areas or vacant lots.  This activity creates a tremendous amount of dust and destabilizes the area so that any wind creates even more dust!
  • Don't blow dirt and debris into the streets.
  • Any burning of material outdoors (where a flue or chimney is not used) is generally prohibited unless it is a process that is exempt from the general requirement. Learn more.


Citizen Complaints


In an effort to involve City residents with helping to reduce particulate pollution, the City of Mesa asks citizens to report dust and track out problems.

A City inspector will investigate resident reports and work with site owners and developers to address identified issues. The City also coordinates with the Maricopa County Air Quality Department for enforcement of particulate pollution control requirements. Maricopa County Air Quality Department (602) 372-2730.