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Sandbags and Storm Preparation


In preparation and anticipation of new moisture coming into the area,  the City of Mesa has sand available at multiple locations. 


Due to the high demand of sand and bags, drop off locations are being depleted quickly.  The City is working continuously to keep sand at the listed locations.
  1. 1.
Fill bags 1/2 to 2/3 full
2. Tie bags for transport only
3. Place a layer of plastic sheeting or tarp over area to be sandbagged
4. Lay bags flat on sheeting/tarp; make sure the bags are as flat as possible
5. Continue placing bags, working from one side to the other; make sure bags fit tightly together; make sure the unfilled portion of one bag is covered by the bag next to it; tuck the flap of last bag in row under bag
6. Stagger rows to avoid gaps
Note: Do NOT overfill bags. If the bags are too full, they will not fit together properly to keep water out
Sand will be in roll offs at these locations:

Please bring your own shovel.

61 S. Temple    
61 S. Matlock    
1005 E. Jarvis    
529 S. Solomon    
1251 E. Hilton    
61 S. Miller    
907 E. 6th Avenue    
1102 E. Jarvis    
601 S. Solomon    
Sand is also available during this period at all MFMD Fire Stations: Dumped at fixed normal location or on roll off:
Fire Station 201   360 E. 1st Street (Mesa Drive/1st Street)
Fire Station 202   830 S. Stapley Drive (Stapley/8th Avenue)
Fire Station 204   1426 S. Extension (Extension/Southern)
Fire Station 205   730 S. Greenfield (Greenfield/Broadway)
Fire Station 206   815 N. Lindsay Road (Lindsay/Adobe)
Fire Station 207   2505 S. Dobson Road (Dobson/Guadalupe)
Fire Station 208   4530 E. McKellips Road (McKellips/Greenfield)
Fire Station 209   7035 E. Southern Avenue (Southern/Power)
Fire Station 210   1502 S. 24th Street (Southern/Gilbert)
Fire Station 211   2130 N. Horne Road (Horne/McKellips)
Fire Station 212   2430 S. Ellsworth (Ellsworth/Baseline)
Fire Station 213   7816 E. University (University/Sossamon)
Fire Station 214   5950 E. Virginia Street (Recker/McDowell)
Fire Station 215   6353 S. Downwind (Sossamon/E. Velocity Way)
Fire Station 216   7966 E. McDowell Road (McDowell/80th Street)
Fire Station 217   10434 E. Baseline Road (Baseline/Signal Butte)
Fire Station 218   845 N. Alma School Rd. (Alma School/University)
Fire Station 219   3361 S. Signal Butte Rd. (Signal Butte/Ray)
Fire Station 220   32 S. 58th Street (On Main between Higley/Recker)



Normal Sandbag locations:     

Fire Station 204 1426 S. Extension, Mesa 
Fire Station 205 730 S. Greenfield, Mesa 
Fire Station 209 7035 E. Southern,Mesa 
Fire Station 212 2430 S. Ellsworth, Mesa
City Transportation 300 E. 6th Street (west side) 
East Mesa Service Center 6935 E. Decatur  (front parking lot) 

Fill the bags one-half to two-thirds full. The bag, when filled, should lie fairly flat. Over-filled bags are firm and do not nestle into one another; tight bags make for a leaky sandbag wall. Tying is not necessary


For more information about sandbag availability in Mesa please call 480-644-2160


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