Helmet Safety

Requiring your child to wear a helmet every time they participate in a wheeled activity such as bike riding, skateboarding, riding a scooter, or using inline skates is the best thing you can do to protect them. 

Make sure that the helmet meets or exceeds safety standards.  Look for an ASTM, Snell, ANSI, or CPSC certification sticker inside the helmet and on the box. 

Bringing your child to the store with you to try on helmets before you purchase one helps ensure a proper fit.  A properly fitted helmet should sit on the top of the child's head in a level position, it should only be about 1-2 finger widths above a child's eyebrows.  Tighten the chinstrap as snug as possible.  Adjust the junction of the front and back straps so that the junction is just under the earlobes.  You should be able to fit one finger in-between their chin and the chinstrap. 

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