Junior Firesetter Program

Most children are fascinated with fire, but those children who play with matches and lighters are putting themselves and those around them in great danger.  Some children experiment with fire out of curiosity.  These children usually have easy access to matches and lighters.  Children do not understand the consequences of their actions.  There are also children who experiment with fire because they are experiencing a crisis in their life.  The crisis could be a result of moving, a death, or divorce.  Unable to express anger, sadness, or abandonment, children sometimes turn to fire setting.  These children will benefit from learning how to deal with their emotions in a more constructive positive manner, one that does not include fire setting.  Both typed of fire setters need to be shown the consequences for their actions.  This can be done through education. 

Program steps: 

  1. Referral to the program
    • A Child can be referred to the program in a number of ways:  by a parent, a teacher, the fire department, the police department, or the court system.  Classes are offered to the child and their parents free of charge. 
  2. Education
    • The child and their family are seen by a fire educator for two sessions.  The educator and the child discuss the dangers and consequences of fire setting.  The program educates parents and children on the proper use of fire and fire safety. 
  3. Follow-up
    • Contacting the family either through mail or telephone is a necessary stop in evaluating the progress of the child.  Evaluations are conducted three and nine months after the class has been completed. 


Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS Chapter 17 Arson):  13-1701, 13-702, 13-703, 13-704, 13-705, 13-706


To schedule a class please call 480-644-5043

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