Mesa Fire Staff Members...Welcome to WebStaff!


WebStaff is the name given to TeleStaff when viewed over the Internet and is now available to all Mesa Fire Personnel.
Once you have completed the training of WebStaff through Target Safety, you will then have access to this new feature of TeleStaff.

You will want to familiarize yourself with the use and access of WebStaff for its "user friendly" features such as:
  • Signing up for OT opportunities
  • Access your personal TeleStaff calendar
  • Submit time off
  • View daily rosters
  • View payroll history
With the implementation of WebStaff we will be discontinuing the use of phones for TeleStaff usage.  In the near future, TeleStaff will no longer be available on desktop clients.
Tips, Tools, FAQs

  • Do I need to back-up my entries in WebStaff with a phone call to the Staffing office?
If you choose to use WebStaff or TeleStaff to manually enter via a computer any leave or sign up for callback, you can still back this up with a phone message.  The phone message is at your discretion, not a requirement.  As always the phone messages are listened to daily between 0500 and 0530 before daily staffing begins and you are free to leave a message at any time if needed.
  • Will Someone (a staffer) still call me at home for overtime if I am not on duty?
As in the past a staffing person will still be calling daily to offer callback via the phone if you are not on-duty.