Mesa Ordinance 4552 (Public Safety CD Ordinance)

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  • What is Mesa Ordinance number 4552?

Ordinance 4552 was adopted by the Mesa City Council on June 5th 2006 . This Ordinance requires plans to be submitted on CD for all new commercial structures and Tenant Improvements (TI's) to existing commercial structures.

  • What are my files used for?

These files are used to assist public safety personnel in response planning and emergency response. Mesa uses a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system and your files will be loaded into the CAD system so emergency responders have instant access to as much information as possible when responding to emergencies in the City of Mesa. This not only improves our preparedness and safety but also reduces response time.

  • Why does Mesa need these files?

Traditionally Fire fighters have to go to each building constructed in a municipality to document things such as floor plans, roof loading, utility entrance/shutoff and so forth. This is a time consuming process usually requiring several visits as construction progresses and once construction is complete, this task can reduce crews availability to respond to emergencies. By requiring these files we are reducing the amount of time Fire fighters are required to spend on site thus ensuring that they are free for emergency response.

  • Who will have access to these files?

We understand the sensitivity concerning copy rights and intellectual property and as such only Public Safety personnel are given access to these files. Once your CD is turned in to Building & Safety it is logged in by a Permit tech and tracked until it is delivered to the Fire dept. Your files are then kept in a secure location only accessed by Fire dept. personnel. This is to ensure that your files are not lost and are not available for general access. Your files will only be used by public safety operations by public safety personnel.

  • What file types are needed?

Due to the constraints of interoperability between the different systems used all floor plans must be submitted as a DWG file, other file types will not be accepted.

  • What information is needed?

The information required falls into 3 categories Floor Plan, Roof Plan and Site Plan.

  1. Floor Plan (Must be DWG)

    1. One plan for each building floor.
    2. All exterior and interior walls.
    3. All door locations (ingress/egress) throughout the building, including roll up doors and roof hatch/doors.
    4. Stairs and elevator locations.
    5. Room/suite names and/or numbers.
    6. Utility shutoff locations (water, electric and gas).
    7. Special hazards and high-piled stock/racks, if any.
    8. Fire department items shall include, but are not limited to, standpipes, fire sprinkler risers, alarm panels, fire department connections, and Knox boxes.

  2. Roof Plan
  3. (can be included in the Floor Plan file)

    Roof loading such as A/C locations, layout and access (ladder/hatch locations).

  4. Site Plan

  5. This includes parking lot, building numbers, parking garages, fire lanes and hydrants.

  • Can I use Xrefs and Attachments?

The ordinance requires that all external references (Xrefs) and attachments be included on the CD. The best practice is to make sure all Xrefs are "Bound" and not to use any attachments. All Xrefs and attachments relating to the floor plan must also be in a DWG format, other formats will not be accepted.

  • Can I just submit my entire plan set?

We prefer that you only include the information requested because a full plan set can potentially contain hundreds of drawings most of which we don't use. Reviewing these files to find the required information becomes time consuming and can potentially extend the length of time required to approve the CD submittal.

  • If I do not submit a CD will I still get my C of O?

No. This requirement will hold up issuance of your C of O so make sure you submit the CD as early in the process as possible to avoid any inconvenience this will cause.

  • Where do I deliver my CD?

CD's should be turned in to the City of Mesa's Building and Safety division at:

City of Mesa,
Building & Safety

55 N Center St.
Mesa, AZ. 85201

  • Can I have a copy of the ordinance for my own records?

Yes, the following link will take you to a copy you can save or print for your records. Ordinance 4552


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